We use more than 15 different kinds of raw materials for labels. If necessary, for your choice we can provide more special raw materials from the range of the EU’s best-known producers of raw materials. We can create label exclusivity not only with high resolution HD print quality but also a wide range of decorative post-press options.


self-adhesive label

Today we offer Self-adhesive label products such as price strips, blanks without printing or in one colour, full colour – decorative labels, scale labels and luxury labels. Size can be customized according to customer’s requirement. Shape: Round, Rectangle, Oval, Die-Cut any shape according to customer requirement.


wrap around label

Also, we offer Wrap Around Label using BOPP Films that wrap fully around the object to which they are applied. Wrap around labels extend around the whole of an object and usually have an overlap, meaning that one end of the label will be stuck over the other end. They are usually long and thin, and are commonly used as product labels on products or product packaging; in particular, they are highly popular for use on containers such as bottles and jars.


In- mold label

Recently, we start the In-mould labelling; IML is a process in which the in-mould film is placed inside the mould during the manufacturing of containers by blow molding, injection molding, or thermoforming processes. This is done at high pressure where the pre-heated plastic is injected when the mould opens, the container is ready and hence it is decorated with the label. This label serves is an integral part of the final product and the print stays dazzling on the product for life long.