In-Mould Label

Maximum coverage: With in-mould labelling, you can cover a lot more surface of the packaging with minimal effort. Moreover, this provides full-colour high-resolution graphics for your labelling.

Wear resistance: Unlike separate labels, these labels do not face or tear away easily. They are a part of the plastic container itself. Hence, they are waterproof, resistant to fading and wear and tear.

Minimal production time: There is no extra delay in labelling during the manufacturing process. The container is created and labelled in a single step. There is no need for storing unlabeled containers for later labelling, the containers do not have to be shipped to any other facility for labelling either.

Environmentally friendly: The label and packaging make a single piece and hence recycling them are much easier.

A wide range of customization options: There are multiple options when it comes to customizing the labels in in-mould labelling. Manufacturers can use multiple types of inks and paints for labelling.

Only available for thermoplastics: In-mould labelling is not available for glass, paper, or metallic containers.